Parcerias que garantem as melhores práticas em Supply Chain Management

APICS CSCP  Module 01 - Supply Chain Design

Section A: Develop the Supply Chain Strategy

Chapter 1: Inputs to Supply Chain Strategy

Topic 1: Business Model
Topic 2: External Inputs to Supply Chain Strategy

Chapter 2: Supply Chains and Supply Chain Strategy

Topic 1: Supply Chains and Supply Chain Management
Topic 2: Benefits of Strategic Supply Chain Management
Topic 3: Supply Chain Strategy: Value Proposition
Topic 4: Supply Chain Strategy: Core Capabilities
Topic 5: Supply Chain Strategy: Cost Structure and Revenue Model
Topic 6: Supply Chain Maturity

Chapter 3: Resolving Misalignments or Gaps

Topic 1: Reasons Misalignments or Gaps Occur
Topic 2: Recognizing Misalignments or Gaps
Topic 3: Resolving Misalignments or Gaps

Chapter 4: Tools and Techniques

Topic 1: Macro and Micro Economic Considerations
Topic 2: Accounting and Financial Reporting Information
Topic 3: Strategic Analysis Tools

Section B: Design the Supply Chain

Chapter 1: Business Considerations

Topic 1: Market, Financial, and Product Research and Modeling
Topic 2: Reverse and Specialized Supply Chains
Topic 3: Collaboration with Supply Chain Partners

Chapter 2: Supply Chain Design

Topic 1: Supply Chain Design and Configuration
Topic 2: Inventory, Technology, and Metrics Design
Topic 3: Fulfillment Strategies Considering Market Requirements
Topic 4: Product Design for New Products or Requirements
Topic 5: Supply Chain Network Optimization

Chapter 3: Technology Design

Topic 1: Information Technology and Supply Chain Management
Topic 2: Electronic Business Considerations
Topic 3: Key Technology Applications
Topic 4: Data Acquisition and Management

Chapter 4: Implementation Tools: Communications and Projects

Topic 1: Communication Considerations
Topic 2: Project Management Considerations
Topic 3: Project Management Process Groups